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Matthew Taylor
May 15, 2023
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In the Spotlight: Navigating Top Music Magazines for Independent Artists

Navigating the Magazine Landscape: Music magazines have long been a cornerstone of the music industry, offering exposure to established stars and emerging talents alike. These publications can provide critical credibility and visibility, amplifying your music to a wider audience. Here are some top music magazines that have a history of featuring independent artists:

  1. Rolling Stone
  2. NME
  3. Billboard
  4. Spin
  5. Q Magazine
  6. Mojo

Making the Cut: What Makes Artists Stand Out

While it's true that established artists often have an easier time getting featured, that doesn't mean independent artists are left in the dust. Magazines are always on the hunt for the next big thing, and that could be you. Here's what they're typically looking for:

Quality Music: This might seem obvious, but it's worth emphasizing. Your music needs to be not just good, but great. It should be professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered.

Unique Sound: Magazines are looking for something new and exciting. Your music should have its own unique style and sound that sets it apart from the crowd.

Storytelling: Every artist has a story to tell. Your journey, your inspiration, and your aspirations can make for a compelling narrative that attracts the interest of magazine editors.

Professionalism: It's important to be professional in your interactions with everyone in the industry, including magazine staff. This includes having a well-crafted press kit and being courteous and responsive in your communications.

How to Get Featured: Tips for Independent Artists and Labels

Getting featured in top music magazines can seem daunting, but with the right approach and persistence, it's entirely possible. Here are some tips for independent artists and labels:

Building a Digital Press Kit

In today's digital age, having a traditional press kit might not be enough. The modern music industry requires a dynamic, digital press kit that stands out from the crowd. Here's how to use technology to build an effective digital press kit:

Bio: Your bio should be engaging and professionally written. It should tell your story and highlight your unique selling points. Consider creating a dynamic, visually engaging bio using platforms like Adobe Spark or Canva.

Press Photos: High-quality, professional photos are a must. Use photo editing tools like Adobe Lightroom or VSCO to ensure your photos are properly edited and formatted. Consider including a variety of shots, such as live performance photos, studio photos, and creative portraits.

Music: Provide links to your music on various platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. You could also consider creating a private Soundcloud playlist or Dropbox link for unreleased tracks that you want to share exclusively with industry professionals.

Notable Achievements: Include any significant achievements, such as awards won, high-profile performances, or chart placements. You can use tools like Canva to create visually appealing infographics that highlight these achievements.

Digital Press Kit Platforms: Services like Sonicbids,, or EPKPage allow you to consolidate all this information into a sleek, professional digital press kit that's easy to share and navigate.

Pitching Your Music

When pitching your music, it's crucial to be professional, concise, and personalized. Here's how technology can assist:

Research: Use tools like LinkedIn and the magazine's official website to find the right contact person for music submissions. Avoid sending your music to generic info@ email addresses if possible.

Email Tools: Use email tools like Mailchimp, SendinBlue, or even Gmail's Canned Responses feature to create a professional and eye-catching email template for your pitches. However, remember to personalize each pitch to the recipient.

Follow-up: Tools like Boomerang for Gmail can be used to schedule follow-up emails if you don't hear back within a certain timeframe. Remember, persistence is key, but avoid being pushy.


In-person networking is invaluable, but technology can also offer new avenues for building relationships:

Social Media: Follow magazines and their staff on social media platforms. Engage with their posts in a meaningful way to start building a relationship.

Virtual Events: Attend virtual industry events, webinars, or live streams hosted by these magazines or other industry bodies. Use the chat or Q&A features to engage with the hosts and other attendees.

Online Communities: Join online communities like Reddit, Discord servers, or Facebook groups related to your genre or the music industry in general. Participate actively and seek out opportunities to connect with industry professionals.

Working with PR Agencies

If you're considering working with a PR agency, technology can make the process smoother:

Here are some recommended PR agencies that you can reach out to for your music promotion:

  1. Comtazic - They provide 360 solutions offering digital/print press campaigns, creative services, and streaming promotion, sharing your music to a wide range of curators​1​.
  2. Infectious PR - Founded in Bristol, Infectious is a marketing agency that has worked with some of the world's biggest talent in Pop, Dance, and HipHop. They have a global network of more than a thousand media outlets and have helped create impactful and meaningful marketing and PR campaigns for their clients​2​.
  3. Different Sauce - An all-round creative agency focusing on working with up and coming artists and connecting them with influential journalists, playlist curators, and tastemakers in the music industry. They have a performance-based payment structure, creating strong and transparent relations with their artists and label partners​3​.
  4. Feathered Friend Media - Founded by a former musician, Robin, who understands the struggles of promoting music. He aims to help new artists on the rise and craft them a suitable PR campaign. His activity now extends to digital ad campaigns and playlist services​4​.
  5. Infamous PR - Started over a decade ago with small and independent artists, Infamous has grown to become an established PR agency working with notorious names in the electronic and urban genres. They create appropriate marketing and PR strategies that work for your profile and goals to give you the exposure you deserve​5​.
  6. Listen Up - A 360 PR agency that provides access to a variety of media such as radio, playlists, press, and more. Their experienced team will maximize your growth potential by providing specialized marketing and PR services​6​.
  7. Mammal Sounds - Mainly a record label, Mammal Sound focuses on establishing their clients' projects in the music scene. They offer artists a way to have their story told the best way possible through adequate biographies, distribution, or captivating press releases​7​.
  8. Additive PR - Specialized in Dance and electronic music, Additive Music PR has 10 years of experience in the music industry and has built campaigns for notable artists. They can arrange premieres, mixes, playlist features, artist interviews, event previews, and many other promotional features​8​.
  9. 3feethi - Operating in Berlin, London, and New York, 3feethi is an international music platform focusing on Live and Press Relations. They create impactful campaigns linking talented artists to digital and offline media throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond​9​.
  10. Sliding Doors - In the music industry, media coverage is everything, and Sliding Doors is one of the best at getting the word out. They are an experienced, creative, and well-connected PR company, experts in both print and online PR​10​.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of music magazines as an independent artist can be challenging, but with the right approach, it's entirely possible to get your music in the spotlight. The key is to stay persistent, professional, and always strive to create the best music you can. Happy promoting!

ChartsYou's Support: At ChartsYou, we provide a platform for showcasing your music to a global audience and help craft effective PR strategies for your music. Our dedicated team can guide you through the process of getting your music featured in top music magazines.

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