Secure Your Chart Success Before Your Release

Maximize your impact
With targeted
Pre-sales campaigns.

Before your music even hits the public, set the stage for a triumphant release. Pre-sales campaigns are your secret weapon to build anticipation, engage your fanbase, and ensure your spot on the charts. Discover how Chartsyou can amplify your reach and solidify your success from day one.
Diversified sales across the country

How it works?

Choose your sales target:
Select from our tailored options to best suit your release goals (or) make a custom
Share Your Track:
Provide us with your upcoming release details and let our team do the heavy lifting.
Receive the QUOTE and Confirm:
We will send you a quote. You confirm the pre-sales campaign.
Watch Your Track Soar:
Benefit from our strategic promotion and watch as your track climbs the charts before it's even officially released.


Increased Visibility:
Get ahead of the competition and make your mark known.
Audience Engagement:
Generate excitement and build a buzz around your upcoming release.
Chart Success:
Boost your chances of securing a top spot on release day.
ROI & Revenue:
Start monetizing your music before the official launch.


What is a pre-sales campaign?
How does a pre-sales campaign benefit my music release?
What platforms do you run pre-sales campaigns on?
Can I run a pre-sales campaign for any genre?
How long before my release date should I start the pre-sales campaign?
What information do I need to provide for my pre-sales campaign?
How do I track the progress of my pre-sales campaign?
Is there a minimum budget for a pre-sales campaign?
Can I cancel my pre-sales campaign after it has started?
What happens if my track doesn't achieve the expected results?

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