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iTunes Top 25 Rock Singles Chart Campaign

  • Strategic Multi-Platform Targeting: Secure top chart positions in Top 25 Rock Singles.
  • Customized Marketing Plans: Tailored strategies for maximum track visibility and audience engagement.
  • Active Engagement Tactics: Utilize influencer collaborations for broader and impactful promotion.
  • Simple Campaign Setup: Share your track and select your campaign date; we manage the complexities.
  • Designed for Ambitious Artists: Perfect for those seeking swift, significant impact on the music scene.
$ 1,297.00 USD
Charting guaranteed
Updates on charts entry
Screenshot (or) Report of charting will be provided

What's the framework?


Rapidly elevate artists’ tracks into the iTunes Top 25 Rock charts, maximizing visibility and impact in a single day.

Preparation Phase

  • Artist & Track Selection: Curate a roster of artists and tracks with the highest potential for chart success.
  • Analytics Review: Quick analysis of trending rock genres and listener preferences on iTunes.
  • Resource Allocation: Assign dedicated teams for each artist, focusing on swift execution of tasks.

Campaign Kick-Off

  • Concentrated Promotion: Launch a targeted digital marketing blitz across all platforms, focusing on the artist’s and ChartsYou’s networks.
  • Influencer Engagement: Engage a network of influencers for synchronized shout-outs and track promotions.
  • Press Releases: Distribute press releases to music blogs and news outlets highlighting the one-day campaign.

Execution Tactics

  • Social Media Storm: Implement a timed social media campaign using hashtags, live sessions, and interactive content to spike interest.
  • Email Blasts: Send out a mass email to the ChartsYou and artists’ mailing lists, urging immediate action to support the track.
  • Strategic Advertising: Run paid ads on social media and music forums targeting pop music listeners with a clear call-to-action.

Monitoring & Adjustment

  • Real-Time Tracking: Use live analytics to monitor track performance and adjust strategies as needed.
  • Fan Engagement: Amplify engagement by encouraging fans to share their purchases and listening experiences.

Post-Campaign Analysis

  • Performance Review: Quick debrief to assess chart performance, reach, and engagement metrics.
  • Artist Feedback: Gather immediate feedback from artists for future campaign refinements.
  • Success Sharing: Highlight campaign successes through ChartsYou’s channels to build momentum for future campaigns.


Getting Started

How do I begin with Chartsyou for my music promotion?
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Services & Pricing

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Fanbase Growth & Social Media Engagement

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Charting Success

How do Chartsyou help artists chart on Billboard and other music charts?

Sales & Streams

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Guarantee & Expectations

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Our Network & Compensation

How does Chartsyou differ from other music promotion services?
How do Chartsyou's network of music enthusiasts contribute to organic buzz and engagement?
How do you involve your network of music enthusiasts in your campaigns, and how are they compensated?

Genre-Specific Insights

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Industry Trends & Adaptability

How do you ensure your marketing strategies stay current and effective in the ever-changing music industry?

Client Support

What if I have questions or concerns during my campaign?
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