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How it works?

Set your song on pre-sale:
A week-long pre-sale period helps with the target.
Share your release date:
Provide us your upcoming release date
Share Your Track:
Provide us with your upcoming release details and let our team do the heavy lifting.
Receive the QUOTE and Confirm:
We will send you a quote. You confirm the pre-sales campaign.
Watch Your Track Soar:
Benefit from our strategic promotion and watch as your track climbs the charts before it's even officially released.


Top on charts:
Get ahead of the competition and make your release known.
Audience Engagement:
Generate excitement and build a buzz around your upcoming release.
Chart Success:
Boost your chances of securing a top spot on release day.
ROI & Revenue:
Start monetizing your music before the official launch.


What does reaching the Top 3 on the charts mean for an artist?
How does ChartsYou assist artists in reaching the Top 3?
Can any artist aim for the Top 3, or are there specific criteria?
How long does it typically take to reach the Top 3?
Are there guarantees for reaching the Top 3?
What differentiates ChartsYou's approach from other marketing services?
Can artists outside the mainstream genres achieve Top 3 status with ChartsYou?
What's the first step for artists interested in targeting the Top 3?

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